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(I’m the idiot customer in this story. I’ve had a long couple days and I’m able to get out of the apartment for a couple hours for some birthday shopping for my daughter’s 1st birthday. After picking up that, and dinner, I decided to stop at a popular fast food restaurant and get some fries and a milkshake.)
Worker: Welcome to *fast food place* how may I help you?
Me: I’d like a large fry and vanilla shake.
Worker: Our shake machine is down.
Me: Is it? That’s alright. (for some reason, this is when I have a brain fart.) I’ll have a mountain dew.
Worker:…We only serve coke products ma’am…
Me: *facepalms* Oh my…I’m sorry. I’m having a moment, can I get a small Coke?
Worker: *gives price*
Me: *drives up to the first window* Was that you that took my order?
Worker: *wide eyed*…yes.
Me: I’m so sorry…it’s been a long day.
Worker: *sighs in relief* I thought you were going to yell at me.
Me: I don’t see what for, I’m the one that had the brain fart. *hands over money*
Worker: Thank you and have a good night.
Me: And you!
(Sometimes we are the ones who make mistakes, but we shouldn’t yell at other people for them!)

The New Disney Classic: America Is Broken

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(I am a teller at a credit union, working in the drive-up. My coworker and I are discussing the technically illegal things that people do out of ignorance, such as Person A signing a check made out to Person B after Person B has already signed it in order to deposit the check into an account that both of them are on. My coworker vents her frustration with people’s ignorance in a silly way so that she won’t actually be mad about it, and I like to be silly back at her to ease the frustration all the more.)

Coworker: *in a silly, sing-song voice* “Why are people so stupid? Why do people break the law? Why don’t people understand basic things about finances?”

Me: *in a very serious tone* “Because the United States educational system is thoroughly broken and doesn’t care anymore, so people aren’t taught the basic life skills that they used to be taught in order to become functioning adults and don’t know where to turn as adults to learn the proper rules. Thus, they inadvertently commit financial felonies.”

(There’s a pause as she looks at me, eyebrows up.)

Me: *now in a sing-song voice* “And also people are just really, really dumb!”

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Serving Out Large Cups Of Patience

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(It’s the first real, nice day of spring and I decide to treat myself on my lunch break by going to the drive-thru of a popular coffee chain. Everyone else in town has had the same idea as me, apparently, as the line is almost into the road. I am only about two minutes into an hour-long lunch, so I roll the windows down and get in line, deciding to enjoy the weather while I wait. After about fifteen minutes, I finally pull up to the order speaker.)

Barista: *sounding frazzled, even through the speaker* “Thank you for choosing [Coffee Shop]; I’ll be right with you.”

Me: “Absolutely, take your time! No rush.”

Barista: *now sounding relieved* “Thank you so much.”

(I settle back in and wait. And wait. Ten minutes pass before I hear a voice again, the same person.)

Barista: “Oh! My! God! I am so, so sorry for that wait! Thank you so much for your patience!”

Me: “No worries! You guys seem busy today; I don’t mind waiting.”

Barista: “Thank you so much. Ohm my gosh. My apologies again. What can I get started for you?”

(I order my drink — a medium specialty latte — and pull forward to the window with $10 in hand to pay. The barista opens the window and holds her hand up in a sort of “stop” gesture.)

Barista: “Please, don’t worry about the total. It’s on me today.”

Me: “What? Are you… Are you sure?”

(The drink I ordered is almost $10, and I’m worried the cost will come out of either the barista’s pocket or tips.)

Barista: “Absolutely. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate your patience. It’s been an incredibly hectic day.”

Me: “Oh, my God, of course! I understand; it looked like Hell when I pulled in. If I wasn’t prepared to wait, I would have gone somewhere else.”

(The barista flashes me a huge, grateful smile and hands me a large-size cup. Before I can even say anything, the barista says:)

Barista: “Thank you again for understanding and your patience. This is just the least I can do to show you my appreciation. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day!”

(Before she closed the window, I launched myself up to toss the $10 into the tip jar just inside. She laughed and shouted, “Thank you!” as I drove off. It was easily the most delicious and satisfying latte I’ve ever had!)

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Will Have To Take That Up With Mother Nature

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(We offer both hand-cut regular fries and sweet potato fries as choices of sides on our menu. A group of three older ladies sit and order, one of them ordering a side of sweet potato fries. Once they receive their food, the lady that ordered sweet potato fries beckons me over.)

Customer: “I am not happy with my sweet potato fries.”

Me: “I’m very sorry to hear that. Is anything wrong with them?”

Customer: “They’re not very crispy or cooked. I would like a side of regular fries, instead.”

(I bring her a side of regular fries, which are fairly crispy. I know that our sweet potato fries are dropped raw, which will never result in a crispy texture like regular fries. To get a crispy sweet potato fry, you have to do something to it, like put flour or cornstarch on them.)

Me: “Here is your side of fries, ma’am. We cook our sweet potato fries raw, so they won’t get crispy like you wanted, I’m sorry.”

Customer: “Raw? Well, you put your regular fries in raw, as well, don’t you?”

Me: “Yes, but they’re untreated–”

Customer: “Then they should be the same!”

Me: “But sweet potato fries are more fibrous; they won’t cook the same.”

Customer: “If you cook regular fries raw, then the sweet potato fries should be the same.”

Me: “Okay. Enjoy your meal, ma’am.”

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Time To Spill The Tea  

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(I’m working with one other girl when a regular customer comes in. My coworker is on the register, so she takes the woman’s order.)

Customer: “I’d like a medium French vanilla iced tea with whipped cream and caramel swirl.”

(I can tell my coworker is confused, but we’re trained to repeat the order back to the customer.)

Coworker: “That’s a medium French vanilla iced tea with whipped cream and caramel swirl?”

Customer: *smiling* “Oh, no, no one in my family drinks iced tea. I want a medium french vanilla iced tea with whipped cream and caramel swirl.”

(I’m watching all this go down and I know that our customer wants an iced coffee, but my coworker is just getting more frazzled. She repeats the order back again, saying “Iced Tea” instead of replacing it with “Iced Coffee.”)

Customer: *getting irate* “No! You won’t ever hear me order iced tea! I won’t drink it, my husband won’t drink it, and my daughter won’t drink it! Now, I want a medium French vanilla iced tea with whipped cream and caramel swirl!”

(My coworker looks helpless and this is the last straw for the customer. She demands to see the manager. No manager is on duty at the moment. She storms out, saying that she knows our assistant manager and is going to call her. Sure enough, the phone rings about thirty minutes later and it is our assistant manager.)

Manager: “Did you see all this happen?”

Me: “Yes, I did.”

Manager: “And what did she order?” 

Me: *quoting* “A medium French vanilla iced tea with whipped cream and caramel swirl.”

Manager: *laughing* “Well, that sounds gross, doesn’t it? Tell [Coworker] to make what she wants next time, not what she orders.”

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