Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest, The IT Edition

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(I’m a work-study student in IT at my college. At the beginning of the school year, there are always tons of dumb parents and students that call or come to my desk for help, as well as dumb students and employees all year long. Story #1. The phone rings:)

Me: “[School] help desk; how may I help you?”

Caller: “Hi. I’m trying to use an email link that your website has provided, but it’s broken.”

Me: “Oh, it’s not actually broken; it just means that your computer does not have a default email client set up. Just copy and paste the link into your recipient’s bar when you go to compose a new email.”

Caller: “Do what?”

Me: “Copy and paste?”

Caller: “I don’t… I don’t know… I don’t do that.”

(Story #2. An obvious freshman and his friend come in.)

Freshie: “Hi. I want to sign into [Related School Website], but I don’t know my username and password.”

Me: “Your username is ‘firstname.lastname,’ and your password is the one you set up when you were first accepted.”

Freshie: “Oh, I forgot it. Can you give it to me?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t give out any passwords. But I can direct you to the place where you can reset it.”

Freshie: “Let me try one of my usuals real quick.”

(He types it in on his phone.)

Freshie: “I got it! It was my Facebook password.”

Me: “Glad you remembered.”

Freshie: “It’s the high school I went to, the year I graduated, and my football number.”

Me: “Please don’t tell me that.”

Freshie: “So what? You don’t know any of those things.”

Friend: “Yeah, but I do.”

(Story #3: The phone rings.)

Me: “[School] help desk; how may I help you?”

Father: “Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me the laptop requirements for students. My son will be arriving soon and we need to get him a new laptop.”

Me: “Our IT page has an entire section on the requirements, as well as several options for discounted laptops through a company that we have a contract with.”

Father: “Oh! Okay, what is the website?”

(I tell him the address to type directly into the URL bar to get there immediately.)

Father: “And where do I type that in?”

Me: “The URL bar.”

Father: “The what? Is that my MSN search bar?”

Me: “Um, no. It’s the bar on the top of your browser that displays your web address. If you clear it, and type in [address], then it will bring you right to our IT page.”

Father: “I’m searching it on MSN; it’s not showing up.”

(This goes on for a while before I give up and tell him the ten steps to get to the IT page through the school’s website.)

A Different Kind Of Socializing

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Doctor: “Are you sexually active?”

Me: “I’m not even socially active.”

(The doctor had to leave the room from laughing so hard.)

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I’m a customer at a nationwide retail chain where the employees wear blue vests, usually with yellow smiley faces on them. I’m wearing black pants, a maroon hoodie, and a bluetooth headset, with a Discworld novel playing. I’m grabbing a quart of oil when another customer walks up to me.

Customer: *something I don’t catch, probably along the lines of “Can you help me?”*
Me: (pausing audiobook and taking out earbuds) I’m sorry?
Customer: Do you know where the speaker wire is?
Me: (points to the display of car stereo equipment not 20 feet away)
Customer: Yeah, but I was wondering if they had anything else.
Me: Damned if I know
Customer: (finally realizing) Oh, I thought you worked here, with the headset…

Don’t Let Her Walk All Over You With Those Crappy Shoes

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(I am covering the shop for my mom while she has a doctor’s appointment. Her boss/friend is more than okay with that, and tells me if a customer is rude that I can give it right back to them. The shop is more of a side project so it isn’t a big deal. I am at the counter, tagging and folding some clothes that just got dropped off, when I hear the front door slam open.)

Woman: “There is a pile of dog-s*** out here and I stepped in it! My shoes are now ruined!”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that. Sadly, it happens quite frequently here.”

Woman: “I demand to be compensated! I can’t wear these now and they cost over $500 dollars! What are you going to do to make this right!?”

Me: “…I can sell you some shoes?”

(Cue angry screaming and door slamming closed. When I went out to lock up for the day, I saw the rather huge pile of dog poop on the ground. The woman had decided to wipe/rub her shoes against the entire front half of the shop. I told my boss. She just laughed.)

Camped Out To Catch Them Out

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I am in fifth grade. My mom runs a summer equestrian camp for kids. It is very popular and fills up very quickly every year, so she operates on a first-come-first-serve basis where any applications received before April 1st will not be looked at until that date.

This particular summer, one woman is extremely persistent in making sure her two kids get into the camp, submitting their applications several weeks before April 1st and contacting my mom every few days to see if she has looked at them yet, which, of course, she hasn’t. The woman’s persistence gets rather annoying, but nonetheless, both of her kids get into one of the camp’s sessions.

Fast-forward to the first day of camp: neither of the kids shows up. After the day ends, my mom contacts their mother to see what happened and make sure everything is okay. The woman apologizes and says that both of the kids were not feeling well that day, but will definitely be in tomorrow. The next day goes by — still neither one comes in. This time, the woman contacts my mom, apologizes again, and says that she forgot both of them had doctors’ appointments that day — that were apparently the length of an entire day of camp — but they will definitely be in the next day.

That night at dinner, my mom is telling us about all this and happens to mention the name of one of the kids. I recognize his name, as I went to school with him… and I realize that I’ve seen him the past two days at a different summer camp I am currently attending. My mom asks me if I’ve also seen his sister there, and I believe I have.

Long story short: rather than fessing up to double-booking her kids in two different camps, the woman tried to repeatedly lie to my mom about why they weren’t showing up to hers. The next day, when my dad picked me up, he made sure to wave and smile at the woman. She froze in her tracks, recognizing him as my mom’s husband, and meekly waved back.

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