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Talking Without Thinking

| Learning | January 9, 2015

(We are in a lesson about digital poetry and discuss the case of Terry Jo Duperrault, a girl that was found 1968 after four days at sea, unconscious and constantly talking without the words making sense at first.)

Lecturer: “So, how would you try to simulate what Terry Jo did – talking without thinking about it?”

Student: *actually joking* “Well, you could try some kind of drugs which change the awareness of you, record it, and see what happens.”

Lecturer: “Yes, this would be a good possibility. It really would be interesting to see what happens if you keep talking without being aware of it. This would be a very nice project for your essays!”

(The class starts to giggle.)

Lecturer: “… no! NO! I was not suggesting you all start taking drugs!”

(The class giggles even more.)

Lecturer: “But still, it would be a nice project…”

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