Home-Worked It

| Learning | January 10, 2015

(I’m in my senior year of high school and am taking French. It comes fairly naturally for me, and I consistently get excellent grades. The teacher is also very fond of me on account of my achievement and positive attitude. One day, after the class has started, I realize I forgot to do my homework. A girl next to me sees this.)

Girl: “Uh oh! What are you going to do?”

(I shrug and start doing my homework as quickly as possible while the teacher goes around the room checking that the rest of the class has done theirs. By the time he gets to me I’m finished.)

Teacher: *looks over my work, apparently not aware the ink from my pen was barely dry* “Oh, looks like you forgot this one.” *he points at a single question I skipped but forgot to go back to*

Me: “Oh. Whoops.”

Teacher: “That’s okay I’ll give you full points for the assignment. I’m sure you would’ve gotten it right anyway.”

(The teacher left and I looked over to the girl, whose jaw was practically to the floor in surprise.)

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