Taking Personal Space A Step Too Far

, , , , | Friendly | March 4, 2020

(My mother and I are waiting in line for one of those money withdrawal machines at the grocery store behind another woman. To be polite, my mother is standing back about five feet. I pretend to play on my phone and watch the following unfold.)

Woman: *suddenly* “That’s very rude, you know!”

Mom: “What?”

Woman: “Standing so close behind me while I’m using the machine!”

Mom: “Exactly how far back do you expect me to stand? I’m as far back as I can get!”

Woman: “You’re far too close! It’s incredibly rude!”

Mom: “You need to chill out. I’m five feet back! A cart could pass between us!”

(Several passing customers have stopped to gawk, and the nearby cashier is laughing.)

Woman: “I bet you’re trying to steal my PIN number! You shouldn’t stand so close! When you get up here, I’m going to stand behind you and see how you like it!”

Mom: “Do whatever you want; I don’t care.”

(I stood behind my mother with our cart as the woman moved away from the machine. She tried to approach my mom from behind but found herself blocked by my cart, so she LEANED OVER IT to try to see the screen. Both my mom and I ignored her completely. Finally, she gave up, frustrated, and left in a huff. Every customer and cashier in the vicinity cracked up.)

Mom: “Have a nice day!”

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