Someone Is Dying To Get Out Of Class

, , , , | Learning | May 31, 2018

(I am a lecturer, getting a coffee from a local café. I get a call from one of my students while waiting in line.)

Student: “[My Name], I need to miss today’s lecture. My son’s been in an accident and I need to go to hospital.”

Me: “Your son?”

Student: “Yes. I’ve been told he’s critical. He might die. I’m so terrified.” *starts sobbing*

Me: “Um…”

(I put the phone to my chest and tap the shoulder of a man further down the line, waiting with his son. He turns around and smiles. I hand my phone to him. He sees his wife’s name on the screen.)

Student’s Husband: *confused* “Hello, [Student]? Why are you phoning [My Name]? Huh, she hung up.” *handing the phone back* “What’s going on?”

Me: “I’ll let her explain.”

(She later dropped out of my module, but I still see her around campus. I’ve seen her husband and their only son from time to time, as well, but since he hasn’t mentioned anything about the call, I assume she hasn’t told him.)

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