Highly Suspicious

, , , , | Learning | May 31, 2018

Pupil: “Sir, is it true you can get high off sniffing the glue?”

Me: “Um, certainly not from the glue we use in school. And, do you know what ‘getting high’ means?”

Pupil: “Yes. My mummy said she tried sniffing glue once and got high, and now she can’t remember what she did in her twenties.”

Me: “I… see. Well, you’re at no risk of that happening here.”

Pupil: “That’s good.” *goes back to arts and crafts*

(I was concerned after the conversation, so I notified the school nurse. Now the pupil talks about how he goes to see his mum “at the hospital,” and how he isn’t allowed to hug her because she’s restrained.)

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