Some Things Never Change

| Working | November 20, 2013

(I am buying some beer, and in the process, I strike up a conversation with the cashier. However, when I give him my money, he just stands there staring at me.)

Me: “…What?”

Cashier: *stares at me, showing me my money*

Me: “…Huh?”

(I look at the money in his his hand, and it takes me several seconds to realise I’ve shorted him $10.)

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry! Here’s the $10. I’m so stupid sometimes!”

Cashier: *laughs* “No worries, we all have those days!”

(The cashier completes the transaction, and gives me my beer and change. I pocket my change and head for the door.)

Me: “Thanks, mate! Have a great day!”

Cashier: “Did you want your change?”

Me: “…”

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