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So Much For Office Space

, , , , | Working | November 6, 2020

The company I work for is undergoing a massive change, including moving the headquarters to brand-new premises. It’s a big deal as it’s a lot of work for everyone, including myself, as there is a load of accreditation work to do.

But months of hard work means that, for the first time, I will have my own office! I am more than excited. No more bringing customers to my tiny cluttered desk, no more hooting and hollering from the noisy office when I am taking calls.

One morning, I notice everyone crowding round a desk looking at something. I approach and one of the guys calls out to me.

Coworker: “Err… [My Name], you might want to see this.”

Me: “What is it? Oh, is it the new building?”

Coworker: “Yeah, but you are not going to like it.”

I scan the plans and notice where my office should be… is a storeroom! Where the storeroom was planned to be is some separate office area. Other communal areas are gone and some are marked as pending.

Me: “What is going on? This isn’t what I was told.”

Coworker: “Apparently, something about budget cuts. The building costs more than they thought. Some stuff couldn’t get built.”

Me: “Yeah, but what is this?”

I point to a much larger new area.

Coworker: “That is the executive area. They have their own private kitchen and three meeting rooms.”

Me: “No money, huh? But enough for a luxury area for them?”

I raised this to my boss, who was as shocked as I was. He raised it to his boss, who couldn’t understand why I was so annoyed. He said that he “meant to mention it to me” but didn’t get round to it.

This was a long line of being out to one side and made to feel like a spare part. I quit the next month.

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