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So Fast There’s Smoke!

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When I was a child we had a ginger cat named Felix. Now, Felix was fast. Really fast. You know when cats get the zoomies? Well, that was basically his minimum speed whenever he went anywhere.

Felix had also learned that humans who make rustling sounds while sitting on the sofa, then put things to their mouths, are often eating snacks. Snacks that Felix very much wanted. He particularly liked trying to steal crisps or ice cream.

One evening, my Mum was sat in her favourite spot, and Felix was nowhere to be seen. However, wherever he was, he heard rustling, and his ears pricked up. Cue:

1) A very brief ginger blur flashing along the sofa in front of Mum’s face.
2) A rather shocked gasp from Mum.
3) A very disgruntled Felix sitting in the corner spitting out the cigarette he had just snatched in mid-leap!

The rustling had been taking the film off the new pack!

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