Showtime Number Two

, , , | Right | January 2, 2019

(I am currently working the box office shift at a very small, locally-owned movie theater. We are currently in the middle of a showtime, which means we will have virtually no traffic in the lobby for roughly two more hours until the movies end. During these two hours, my manager and I notice the same man exiting his movie several times and entering the bathroom, but think nothing of it. Eventually, another employee goes in to check all the auditoriums and notifies us that the man has fallen asleep. After the movie lets out, we send them back in to make sure he has woken up and left. A few minutes later, they return with a clearly concerned expression on their face.)

Coworker: “The old man left, but he didn’t take his diaper with him.”

Manager: “I’m sorry, what?”

Coworker: “He left his used, dirty diaper on the floor of the auditorium, along with some dirty napkins it looks like he used to clean himself.”

(The coworker ended up having to clean it, and I am still in shock. How can you go to the bathroom so many times and not only take the used diaper back with you instead of throwing it away in a provided trash can, but also leave it on the floor for some poor, underpaid employee to clean up?)

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