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(I work at a well known wing restaurant which recently opened in our small town. I get drinks and appetizers going.)
Me: Do you have any questions about anything?
Guest: Yeah, what’s the difference between boneless and traditional?
Me: .. ah you mean size wise? Or are you wondering about breading?
Guest: No, what’s the difference?
Me: Well size wise they’re the same and only the boneless have breading.
Guest: That’s not it, what’s the difference?
Me: … well the traditional have bones in them and the boneless don’t.
Guest: *suddenly flustered* I know THAT. But what’s the difference?
Me: *annoyed and see I have another table being sat* Sir I don’t know what else to tell you here. Do you want bones in your wings or not?

(He ordered eventually and didn’t make eye contact through his meal. It was awkward for everyone involved.)

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I own a kennel, and I also live there in a separate house on the same property. When a prospective customer calls, I make sure to let them know the vaccine requirements for their pet to stay here; rabies, distemper (a vaccine with several types of anti-virals) and bordetella, which is kennel cough. These shots are non-negotiable. These are also listed on my web site.

A couple showed up exactly at their appointment time. While the wife filled out the paperwork, the husband let the dog loose for a potty walk. I asked him to please put the dog on a leash and I point out the designated potty lawn, a semi-circular patch of lawn big enough to park a large van on. There is also a sign that says exactly this on a post with a waste bag dispenser, and a metal trash can that has a sign that reads “Place used waste bags in here”. The husband put a retractable leash on the dog, essentially allowing the dog to wander where it wanted to, and turned and took the dog across the driveway to the big lawn in front of my house. I ask him again to use the little lawn, not the one we just seeded. The big lawn has a “No Pottying” sign on it. He walked the dog back across the driveway, past the potty lawn, and into the rose garden. (With a stone border and red mulch AND a “No Pottying” sign.) Again, I asked him to please walk the dog on the potty lawn. The man made a face and I could hear him go “Humph!” He immediately walked the dog into the lilac bed next to the house next door. (It’s got a brick border and red mulch, and that pesky “No Pottying” sign!) Again, I asked him to please walk the dog on the potty lawn! No answer, just a grimace.

In the meantime, the wife and I can’t find the vet record in their paperwork for the dog’s bordetella vaccine, just reminders for it. Husband gets cranky declaring “It’s there! We just had it done!” over and over again. I called their vet to find out if the shot had been given, but even 15 minutes after the vet’s open hours, there’s no answer except their outgoing message.

Husband then walked the dog into the street. I warned him about how the people drive like maniacs here. He said “I’ll watch” in a very surly manner. He then walked the dog up the street, and then curved back into my flower and hosta garden in front of my home where the dog poops. The man was deliberately stomping on the plants! At least he had the decency to pick the poo up, but my poor plants! He comes back to where I’m standing, and had a nasty smile on his face.

I look at the wife and told her that I’m sorry, but without the shot, I cannot accept their dog for boarding. It sounded like the husband muttered under his breath something about a female dog. The wife said then that they’ll just go into town and either get one from Tractor Supply or find a vet. I decided that no matter what, their dog wasn’t going to be staying here. Ever. They got back into their car and the husband floored it through my gravel parking area, spraying gravel all over, and as they pulled into the street, I saw the bag of poo go flying out of the driver’s window. Nice people.

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While cashiering, I have a break in customers and work on some straightening. When I next look up, I see a couple going over their items with a woman cradling her substantial amount of fabric. Then, I see something that looks like a tiny paw reach out. I am too far away to be sure, but I assume it has to be a kitten to be that small. 

They soon come up to my register as I’m the only cashier open, and I ask for the fabric ticket to scan, as well as the usual customer service questions. Just as I’m asking them how their evening is going, the woman sets down the fabric and it rustles. She asks me if I want to see their new baby and starts to uncover the top of this vague fabric nest.

A hedgehog perks up and, within a moment, attempts to dash across my register!

The woman catches her pet before it can get too far away or come to any harm, and thankfully, she holds on to it in the fabric for the rest of the short transaction, both her and her partner pleased and friendly the whole time. It is hardly a bad experience but decidedly one of the stranger things to have ever crossed my register.

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I had to work a night shift at a store that is supposed to be run by one person. It wasn’t a big deal, it was a slow night. About fifteen minutes until closing this guy walks in. He’s a local, he came in a few weeks ago and chatted with me. He was pretty friendly so I didn’t think much of it.

Tonight he decided to go from friendly to crazy.

At first he was just chatty, but then he mentioned that his family used to play “William Tell” with their guns and a can of Dr. Pepper. Ooookay?
Then he mentions that when he was kid he once shot his brother in the stomach…and laughed.

Then he brings up the fact that he is teaching his two year old son how to shoot.
I’m starting to get freaked out by this guy, but my only option is just to nod and smile and hope to God he doesn’t kill me.

Then he asks what I wear at night. I work as a pajama store so it wasn’t so creepy, but when I told him I often wear these nightgowns we sell. He says, “So you practically sleep naked. Want to sleep naked with me?”

Yeah, I don’t think so.

After some more nodding and praying silently to myself, he leaves. I called up the manager of one of the other stores and begged him to stay with him while I closed and walk me to my car.

Freaky night.

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I work at the toll booths of an amusement park that has several Sister parks/attractions in the town and in different states. Employees of the sister attractions get in for free as long as they bring a current employee ID and/or recent check stub. I’ve just had a couple pull up that say they work for one of our sister attractions, but don’t have anything to prove it. While the boyfriend has a check stub, it is not for any of our companies and the girlfriend is not happy. We have gone back and forth for a bit.

Girlfriend: I can’t find my ID but he has his check stub. Why won’t that work?

Me: Because is says [other company]. I need something that shows you work for [sister company] such as your employee ID or [sister company] check stub.

Girlfriend: Unbelievable! Fine I’ll just pay. It’s [amount]?

Me: No it’s [slightly higher amount]

Girlfriend: This is un-freaking-believable! (she hands me the money) I’m GOING to tell them that you me pay!

I just shrug, hand her the receipt, and tell her to have a nice day as they drive off.

Coworker: Yeah, like it’s really your fault she didn’t bring anything to prove that she actually works there.

I couldn’t help but laugh as things like this happen far too often.