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(Our store closes at 10pm. It is currently 9:55pm, and I have just finished helping a man find clothes for a date is he about to go on, when I hear my co-worker and another frequent customer dropping loud hints about us being about to close, as there is still a customer and her teenage son in one of the aisles. I go up to them and inform them we are getting ready to close)

Me: Excuse me, I am just letting you know, it is now 9:56 and we close in 4 minutes.

Customer: *loud, pretty sure she is high* The stores in [next town over] close at 11!

Customer’s Son: But this isn’t [Next town over].

(I walk away a little bit and work on straightening up the shelves. A couple minutes later, customer and her son still haven’t left the aisle)

Me: *loudly* Just letting everyone know, we close in 2 minutes!

(I go back to straightening up product on the shelves. I walk past the aisle where the customer is again, and am hit with the STRONG smell of weed and perfume. Check my watch and it is now 10pm)

Me: It is now 10:00, I need you to please make your way to the register to check-out.

Customer: Who is your supervisor?!

Me: The lady running the register and I are both manager-on-duty tonight.

Customer: I can’t believe this! The store in [Next town over] close at 11, and I thought the customer gets to finish their shopping!

Me: No ma’am, we have been instructed that when closing time comes, to direct customers to the registers to check-out, so we can get our closing tasks done. We close at 10pm.

(Customer goes up to the register, still complaining, while I go and turn off the automatic doors, close them, and stand there letting each person out after they have finished checking out. Customer complains to my co-worker, though I cannot hear what is being said. This is what my co-worker tells me after:)

Co-worker: She was saying how she works in store in [other town] and they don’t force the customers out like this, they just let them finish on their own. She then asked your name, and I told her your first name. Then she asked for your last name and played dumb, saying ‘I don’t know anyone’s last names here’. I mean, if you know what store you are in, knowing just the first name will be enough, no one else here has the same name as you!

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(Thr thrift shop I work at has credit card readers facing the customer, so that they never have to give the card to us. By personal choice by the owner, the chip readers of the machines were never set up; and we have laminated cards placed in the slots with “CHIP READER DOES NOT WORK” printed on them. This exchange happens at least 3-4 times a day.)

Customer: *staring directly at the machine* “Do I use the chip reader?”

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(I and a friend run a small sewing shop. Next door to us is a small church. While the church has a name that suggests it is nondenominational, it does clearly have “Christian” in the name, as well as having a logo on their sign out front that includes such Christian imagery as a Bible, a cross, and a dove, which you have to drive right past to get to our shop. One day we have an older gentleman come into our shop to pick something up. He has been polite thus far, if particular in that ‘old man set in his ways who knows what he likes’ kind of way. As he is leaving, this interaction occurs:)

Customer: Is that a church next door to y’all?

Business Partner: Yeah it is. We’ve done some work for the pastor; they’re really nice people,

Customer, smiling, with that joking-but-not-really tone: They’re not Muslims, are they?


Me: I…I don’t think so. Pretty sure it’s a Christian church.

Customer: Alright. You ladies have a nice day. (He leaves. My business partner and I just stare at each other.)

Me: What…what just happened? I mean, what does…their sign says…

Business Partner: You know I’ve heard a conspiracy theory that there are fake churches that are secretly run by Muslims in order to sneakily convert Christians, but I’ve never met anyone who actually believed it!

A Rose By Any Other Napkin

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I work the graveyard shift at a popular restaurant chain that sells donuts, coffee, and sandwiches, and since my store is located across the street from a hospital, we get a lot of nurses, as well as EMTs at night. The EMTs can’t drive their truck through the drive-thru because it’s too big, so they usually park it in front and walk to the window since our lobby is closed at night.

One night, I am working and an elderly EMT gentleman comes up to the window to order. I am having a pretty rough night, but still, I smile and take his order, and since he wants a sandwich, I tell him it will take me just a moment to make his food. Just as I am about to make it, he stops me.

EMT: “Ma’am, can I have some napkins, please?”

I am a little surprised, but I nod and give him a few napkins.

Me: “Here you go, sir. I’ll be right back with your order.”

I go and make his food and return to the window, where he is patiently waiting.

Me: “Here you go, sir. Enjoy your meal!”

The EMT takes the bag and then hands back the napkins I gave him, which have been folded up to look like a rose.

EMT: “Thank you, ma’am!”

That definitely made my night, and I still have that rose. It’s a pleasant reminder that some customers can surprise you, and no matter how rough a night I’m having, there can always be something good about it.

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An A-malling Lack Of Comprehension

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I’m straightening up the store for the night right at closing time. Two teenage girls are still browsing the section I’m in.

Intercom: “Attention, shoppers, the mall is now closed. Please make your purchases and head to the nearest exit. Thank you for shopping at [Mall].”

Girl: *To her friend* “Does that mean we have to leave?”

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