A Different Kind Of Yard Sale

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(I work at a popular fabric store that sells by the yard. Customers bring the full rolls of fabric to the counter and we cut off what they request. The prices on the rolls are the per yard prices. I was working this counter when a customer who had already been to us and gone to the check out came back with a cashier.)

Cashier: “This lady says the fabric she got was suppose to be 50% off.”

(I look at the cutting receipt and see that it was indeed 50% off, but the customer had gotten two yards of material, making her total the same as the regular per-yard price of the fabric.)

Me: “Ma’am, it is 50% off.” *pointing at the receipt* “See, this here is the price per yard of $5, regularly it’s $10 a yard.”

Customer: “But right there it says $10. That’s the price on the tag and the sign says 50% off.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, but you bought two yards. The tag price is per yard, so you got your 50% off, it’s $10 because there’s two yards instead of one.”

Customer: “But, it should be $5 because it’s 50% off.”

Me: “It’s $5 per yard, you got two yards.”

Customer: *long pause* “I don’t get it.”

(I can’t think of any other way to explain it so I pull a calculator out from under the counter.)

Me: “Okay, you have this fabric that’s normally $10 a yard at 50% off.” *I type ten multiplied by zero-point-five into my calculator while she watches* “This is the per yard price, now you have two yards so I have to multiply this by two to get your total.” *I type two into the calculator and show her it comes out to ten* “So your total is now $10 for the two yards. Do you understand?”

Customer: “No.” *long pause* “It shouldn’t be that much because it’s 50% off.”

Me: *long pause and I try to think of any other way I can explain this to her*

Customer: “I was suppose to get a damage discount.”

Me: “Oh, I didn’t know.” *turning to cashier* “Can you adjust that at the register?”

Cashier: “Yeah! I can take care of that.”

(They leave and I think it’s all straightened out. Ten minutes later my manager asks for me over the headset.)

Manager: “Hey cutting counter, I have a lady that is telling me she didn’t get 50% off on her fabric. It rang up $10 but she says it’s supposed to be $5.”

Me: *exasperated* “[Manager], it’s $10 because she bought two yards. I explained this to her twice and showed her on a calculator. I have no idea how to explain it any other way.”

(Later, the fabric came back to the counter. Apparently she decided she didn’t want it.)

A Bagful Of Nice Customers

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(I have just finished ringing up a customer I’d been working with for about half an hour. She was in quite a hurry as she had a formal event that night and was going right from the store to her hair appointment. She had just left to run to the restroom before leaving, so I am surprised when she comes to find me a few minutes later.)

Customer: “I was just in the restroom and realized I didn’t have my bag. I don’t remember ever having it.”

(We look all around the department before the customer says she has to go. I get her information so I can get back in touch with her. I call security, and she saw on the camera where I’d given the customer her bag, but we stopped to look at some lipsticks a little ways away, and the camera couldn’t see us. I asked the customer service manager what to do.)

Me: “Can I grab her three products and get them to her? If we find her bag, we can just put them back, and if not, we can do an inventory adjustment.” *we are quite well-known for our customer service, so this is not an outrageous request*

Manager: “That’s really up to you. If you think she’s on the up-and-up, then go for it. You’ll probably get a customer for life out of it.”

Me: “I totally believe her. I’m pretty sure someone accidentally picked up her bag, because it was so busy and there were a lot of people around.”

(I quickly grabbed the three products the customer had purchased and was filling out a form so I could deliver them to her house when my coworker came and got me.)

Coworker: “Hey, a customer just called and said she picked up someone else’s bag by mistake. It had some [Brand] in it. Did you sell that to someone?”

Me: “Yes! I’m just about to deliver some replacements to that customer.”

Coworker: “Well, this lady said she’d bring the bag back tonight.”

(I got to take care of my customer, who was totally sweet and wanted to pay for the replacements I brought her because she didn’t want me to get in trouble. And the other customer brought the bag back with all of the items in it. Faith in humanity: restored. For the time being…)

Murder Is Child’s Play

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(I work the front desk at a hotel. We are very busy this morning for breakfast and have many people coming in and out of the lobby. We have a bell connected to the doors, so every time the doors open, the bell rings to alert us that someone is coming in. The following is an interaction with a guest:)

Guest: “What is making that god-awful bell go off over and over?!”

Me: “Oh, it’s from the automatic door opening and closing.”

Guest: “I would have stabbed the thing by now!”

Me: “Oh, that’s nothing compared to when children start running back and forth in front of the doors, thinking it’s fun to make the doors open and close.”

Guest: “Well, I think it’s fun to run children over with my car when they are being little f***tards, but that doesn’t make it okay!” *walks away*

Me: “…”

Grape Gripes

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(I am a cashier in a liquor store.)

Me: “Hello, Welcome to [Liquor Store]. Can I help you find anything?”

Customer: “Y’all have any grape wine?”

Me: *pause* “We sure do. Almost all wine is made from grapes. Do you know what type of wine?”

Customer: “Grape wine.”

Me: “Okay. Is it red or white?”

Customer: “Look. I’m not here to play twenty questions. I want that grape-flavored wine.”

Me: “Wine is made from fermented grapes. It’s technically all ‘grape’-flavored. Do you remember a brand name?”

Customer: “It’s the grape-flavored wine. Why is this so hard for you?!”

Me: *thinking furiously* “Grape-flavored like grape-flavored candy?”

Customer: *pause* “Yes.”

Me: *shows her to the Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine*

Customer: “Yes! This is what the Jews drink!”

My Amazement Is Overflowing

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(My brother-in-law often does things without worrying about repercussions. I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t care what happens; he just doesn’t think things through. I’ve wondered — with no disrespect — if he has an undiagnosed mental disorder. He is 26 at the time of this story. The toilet in our main bathroom has been acting funny — not refilling one time, then overflowing the next — so we have decided to use the half bathroom. Not a problem; it’s just the two of us. My brother-in-law comes over after work one day to play video games. During a break, he heads toward the main bathroom.)

Me: “Oh, wait! That toilet doesn’t work!”

Brother-In-Law: “Oh, I just have to pee.”

Me: “It still doesn’t work.”

Brother-In-Law: “I just have to pee.”

Me: “You can’t use that toilet.”

Brother-In-Law: “Oh. That’s dumb.”

Husband: “[Brother], were you just… not going to flush?”

Brother-In-Law: “Well, no. I just didn’t know what she meant.”

(While he is in the working bathroom, my husband takes some duct tape and tapes the broken toilet shut, just in case. A few hours later, they take another bathroom break. Having just used the bathroom myself, I realize our guest is missing.)

Me: “Where is your brother?”

Husband: “Bathroom.”

Me: “I was just in there.”

(My husband runs up the stairs to the main bathroom just in time to see his brother come out. The toilet is nearly overflowing.)

Husband: “What are you doing? Move! Grab towels!”

Brother-In-Law: “I had to pee.”

Husband: “The toilet doesn’t work!”

Brother-In-Law: “Yeah, what’s going on with that?”

(My husband and his brother soak up the mess and come back downstairs.)

Me: “[Brother-In-Law], why did you use that bathroom?”

Brother-In-Law: “How was I supposed to know it was broken?”

Husband: “Besides us telling you earlier and taping the lid shut?”

Brother-In-Law: “Oh. I thought you did that because the lid wouldn’t stay down.”

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