Reaching Into The Pocket Was Such An Effort

, , , | Right | October 2, 2018

(I work at a grocery store, and I am at the checkout when two young adults come through my line with a big bottle of alcohol that they want to purchase. At my store, if we sell alcohol to minors, we are at a great risk of getting fired immediately.)

Me: *scans the bottle of alcohol* “All right, and may I see your ID?”

Customer: *gives me a blank stare* “Uh… I don’t have it with me. Do you think you would be able to let this one slide?”

Me: “Um, no, sir, I need to see your ID in order to sell you this alcohol.”

(The customer sighed and proceeded to pull out his ID and the money to pay for his alcohol. It turned out he was one year over the legal age limit, anyway.)

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