Put A Lid On It!

, , | Right | August 30, 2018

(My family and I are visiting an amusement park for the day. We got a deal where you’re allowed a free drink every fifteen minutes, with the scan of a wristband you have to pick up at a participating food kiosk. We are in line to do just that; the older woman in front of us has ordered a soda after basically interrogating the cashier over it. It’s good to note that I’m 18, but look rather young for my age.)

Dad: *showing cashier his phone* “I got the drink deals online—”

Woman: *after pouring her own drink* “There’s no lids? Where are the lids?!”

Mom: “I don’t think there are any.”

Woman: “How am I supposed to carry this around without a lid?”

Mom: “None of the drinks come with one.”

Woman: *loudly enough for cashier to hear*She didn’t tell me that!”

Me: “It’s to reduce waste.”

Woman: “What?”

Me: “There’s no lids or straws to reduce waste. For the environment?”

Woman: “Well, that’s stupid!

Me: “It really isn’t.”

(My whole family ignored her and she walked off in a huff. I hope she thought about her morals after thinking a kid told her off. And people think millennials are terrible.)

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