How Dare Things Cost Money!

, , , , | Right | August 30, 2018

(I work in a busy fast food restaurant located in the middle of town. As with most fast food places, it is cheaper to buy a meal deal than to buy the items separate.)

Customer: “Hi, I’ll have the [burger].”

Me: “Okay, would you like that as a meal? It comes with French fries and a drink.”

Customer: “No, thank you. I’ll just have the burger.”

(I ring in the burger and give the customer her change. A few minutes later she comes back to my till and asks for a drink. After paying, she sits down for maybe two minutes, then comes back to my till.)

Customer: “Can I have a medium portion of fries to go with that?”

Me: “Yes, that will be £1.”

Customer: “My total is almost £6; I thought the meal was only supposed to be £4!”

Me: “Yes, but in order to get the meal, you must order all your items at the same time so I can ring it through the till.”

Customer: “This is an outrage! You are robbing me; I demand a refund! Get me your manager!”

(Luckily, my manager was listening the whole time and repeats the same information I have given the customer.)

Customer: “You shouldn’t be falsely advertising your prices! I’m never coming here again!”

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