Pride Goeth Before The Bigot, Part 2

, , , , | Right | September 28, 2020

My coworker and I work at a supermarket in a village where most people are extremely religious. I am the manager, watching this discussion between my coworker, who has a rainbow pride flag badge on her, and an old lady.

Coworker: “…and your total will be £13.57, madam.”

Old Lady: “Oka—” *Screams* “No! I will not be served by a devil follower!”

Coworker: *Confused* “Madam, I will have to ask you to stop shou—”

Old Lady: “Shut up, you little devil b****! Get me your manager!”

Me: “No need, ma’am. What seems to be the problem?”

Old Lady: “This [Indian racial slur] is a disgrace to your store! She is a lesbian! She is a sin and will burn in eternal Hell! Fire her right now or I will tell God about it!”

Me: “Ma’am, not that it matters, but my coworker is not gay. Second of all, I will have to ask you to leave now before I call security for your language and rudeness to my staff. Get out.”

Old Lady: “She has a f****** devil badge on her! Of course, she is! And I am one of your regular customers! If you don’t fire her, you will lose a paying customer and you will burn in the eternal flame of Hell like she will!”

Me: “She supports gay rights; it doesn’t mean she’s gay. I support animal rights, but do I look like a f****** alpaca to you?!”

The lady turned red in the face and continued swearing at me and my coworker. Then, she took a vase off a shelf and threw it at her, but a man watching caught it in his hands. He grabbed her by the arm and took her to security. She left screaming and being violent but no one was hurt, luckily.

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