You Got Beat, Period

, , , , | Right | September 28, 2020

I am waiting in line in a supermarket. Ahead of me is a guy currently paying for his groceries, and a group of three teenage boys who are of that age where they’re trying to be cool and tough in front of each other.

Teenager #1: “Eww, bruv, this [gay slur] is buying some tampons!”

Teenager #2: “Eww, sick man!”

Teenager #1: *To the customer* “Bruv, your woman got you buying her s***, yeah? She the man, yeah?”

I am about to speak up when the customer turns to face all three boys and says:

Customer: “I understand why it’s gross for you to think about periods. I’m sure all your mothers prayed for their periods, and they got you instead.”

The boys were silent a moment, and then threw in some weak comebacks that didn’t go very far. They left their items behind and stormed out. At least they had enough intelligence to know they were beat.

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