Price Match Rematch

, , , | Right | April 15, 2019

(A woman and her son come in to buy a sewing machine. They have brought in printouts from another store and a copy of our price matching policy. The machine is on special at the other place and she wants the extra 15% off that we offer. I read both papers and take note of what they say.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t match prices with online stores or sale items.”

Son: “The place has a storefront.”

Me: “They might, but right here it says, ‘Online-only special.’”

Mother: “It’s not on special; you have to match it.”

Me: “The full price is clearly marked right here and I can’t even match that for you because our regular price is cheaper than their full price.”

Mother: “It’s not on special.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but from what it says here, it is on special. I have to ring them and find out for sure.”

Mother: “They aren’t open today. I want to buy the machine today for the matched price.”

Me: “I have to be able to call them to confirm it.”

Mother: “Oh, great. Now you’re just making up your own rules.”

Me: “No, I’m reading them straight from the printout that you gave me.”

Mother: “Where does it say that? Prove it.”

Me: *points to line* “It’s right here. See? Right above the line that says that we don’t match prices on sewing machines.”

Mother: “You made that up.” *snatches the papers from me*

Me: “You printed it.”

Mother:Fine! We are going elsewhere.” *storms to the door, stops* “I’m calling in a complaint about you.”

(I can see it’s a ploy to scare me into giving her the discount, one which would probably get me fired. A complaint could, too, if the company decides I’ve treated her rudely, but by this time I don’t care.)

Me: “They aren’t open on Sundays; do it tomorrow.”

(I make sure I document what was said and give it to my manager. She rarely backs me up.)

Manager: “You should have given her the discount. I would have approved it; you lost us a sale. A sale is a sale.”

Me: “It would have brought it under cost price.”

Manager: “What? Oh, my God, you’re right. You just saved both of us from possible termination.”

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