Should Have Said A Million Dollars

, , , , | Right | April 15, 2019

(In the music store where I work, there is a bass hung up on the wall of one of our demo rooms. It’s a really random, oddball custom job that one of our former employees had put together for himself before moving away, and he never picked it up or had it sent to him. My boss has decided to hang it up simply for decoration with a sign that says, “NOT FOR SALE.” A couple of guys are demoing a guitar in the room, and when they come out, this exchange happens.)

Customer: “What’s the most expensive guitar you guys have?”

Me: “Probably the Taylor in the case, which is over $4000.”

Customer: “What about that bass in the room over there?”

Me: “Which one?”

Customer: “The one that says, ‘Not for sale.’”

Me: “Um… It isn’t for sale.”

Customer: “But how much is it?”

Me: “It has no price, because it’s not for sale.”

Customer: “Oh. Okay. Thanks.” *leaves*

Me: *turning to my coworker* “What exactly does ‘not for sale’ usually mean? Am I missing something?”

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