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Now I Can Never Move My Car Again

, , , , | Friendly | December 17, 2020

My friend works at an office that faces a municipal parking lot. To the side of the office is a narrow driveway going down a slope to a private lot belonging to that office. [Friend] needs to deliver some papers, so she gets in her car, sets the papers down, and pulls out her phone to check directions. Soon, there’s a loud pounding on her window.

Entitled Lady: “Are you leaving that spot or not? Don’t just play on your phone when other people need to park.”

Friend: “Ma’am, this is a private lot owned by that office right there. It’s not part of the municipal lot.”

Entitled Lady: “I don’t care. I need to park. Now get out of that space and let me park there.”

[Friend] decided that she had urgent business inside the office and left her car where it was.