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It Was No Trouble At All

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The lady who runs the ticket office at my parents’ local train station is infamous locally as a total grump. She’s snappy and impatient and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. My father used to commute by train every day and always said good morning to [Ticket Lady], even though he was usually ignored.

One year, shortly after Christmas, my dad went to renew his season ticket as usual and, as usual, was served by [Ticket Lady]. She was in a particularly foul mood that day and my dad asked her about it.

Ticket Lady: “My office heater broke, and the rail company can’t provide me with a new one for a few days.”

My dad commiserated with her and left it at that, wishing her a happy New Year as he left.

Unbeknownst to [Ticket Lady], my dad then walked to the café up the road and purchased a coffee and warm pastry to go. He then returned to the station and gave them to [Ticket Lady], who was shocked. When she could finally speak:

Ticket Lady: “Thank you. Nobody ever does nice things for me.” 

After that day, [Ticket Lady] was always much politer to my parents and me. She would always greet us with a cheery, “Here comes Trouble!” when she saw us, and she always had time for a chat with my dad between customers. 

When my dad’s health started deteriorating and he started working from home, we would go for a walk together at lunchtime and always drop into the station to go and see [Ticket Lady]. She was one of the few people outside of our family who didn’t start treating him differently because of his obvious disability. My dad and I used to look forward to our chats with [Ticket Lady], and the year my dad finally retired, he bought her and her colleague a huge box of chocolates and a bottle of wine each to thank them for their assistance over the years. 

I moved away a couple of years ago, but I still see [Ticket Lady] sometimes if I visit my parents by train. Seeing her always makes me smile, and she’s the only person who still gets away with calling me “Trouble”.

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