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Not Racing To Hang Out With Him Again

, , , , | Related | December 9, 2020

Way before we have kids, my wife, her sister and brother-in-law, and I double-date every month or so. We alternate between couples to choose where we go. My brother-in-law is a bit of an antisocial, selfish pain in the behind, so it is fairer this way.

We are discussing the next event.

Brother-In-Law: “I think we should go back to the races.”

Me: “We went there last time.”

Brother-In-Law: “We had so much fun, though.”

Wife: “It was okay. I’m glad we went, but I don’t think I would rush back.”

Me: “How about [Restaurant]?”

Sister-In-Law: “That’s a bit spicy, isn’t it?”

Wife: “Okay, what about the place next door to it? They serve good food and we could have a few drinks.”

Brother-In-Law: “Err… I might have to be at work that night.”

Sister-In-Law: “You haven’t worked a Saturday in nearly a year. No, that settles it. We will go to [Other Restaurant].”

The day of our date comes around and [Brother-In-Law] is, suddenly and suspiciously, ill the day before and we don’t go. We meet up a few weeks later.

Wife: “Did you want to go somewhere this month?”

Sister-In-Law: “That sounds great.”

Brother-In-Law: “How about the races? You chose last time, so I get to choose.”

Sister-In-Law: “What? No, don’t be daft; we will go to [Other Restaurant]. I’m looking forward to it!”

We did all go, and [Brother-In-Law] sulked the whole time. He was on his phone and spoke to no-one. He complained about the food and service and was just miserable. After that, he was suddenly busy every time we suggested going anywhere and we gave up trying.