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Autobots, Roll Out In Embarrassment

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When I’m a teen, my family is visiting my family and we go to a movie theatre with the younger generation of kids and teens. We go to see one of the “Transformers” movies and I am seated beside my cousin who is so dyslexic that, even as a teen, he can’t read.

During the movie, all of the baddies are checking in over walkie-talkies in preparation for an attack. They are speaking their own alien language, so I lean over to my cousin to read the subtitles to him. The music swells as the scene progresses, so I get louder with it. Then, it stops suddenly to build excitement for the coming battle.

In this sudden silence, I yell the final subtitle.


The roar of laughter from the almost sold-out show, my family, and their friends shook the theatre.

To this day, the younger ones of the family who were there still rib me about it.

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