Not A Fan

, , , , , | Right | March 28, 2018

A customer walks into my shop carrying a fan I’d sold him the day before. He promptly deposits it onto my counter. When asked, “What is the problem, sir?” he responds, “Doesn’t work.”

So I assemble the fan, putting each of its blades on, hooking up the electrical, and finally taking the battery cover off of the fan to locate the “SET” button. He tells me he did this at his house when it “didn’t work.” In so doing, I notice the plastic shrink they put on included batteries is still on his, thus preventing the necessary contact.

Once I inform him of the problem and proceed to make his fan work in front of him, his response is, “Well, I didn’t like it, anyway. Can I return it?” When asked what he doesn’t like about it, he responds, “Doesn’t work.”

Have you ever felt like you’re in one universe and there are at least a few others who hail from a very different place?

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