Rated R U Serious?

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(I’m a customer in line for a midnight premiere showing of a movie featuring a lot of violence. The movie has some notoriety because a little girl says a particularly bad word in one scene. The movie features superheroes, however, and one family has mistaken it for a kid-friendly movie.)

Cashier: “Ma’am, I can’t recommend you seeing this movie with your kids.” *gestures to two kids in superhero Halloween costumes* “It’s rated R, and isn’t appropriate for them.”

Mom: “I raise my kids right. I pay your salary. They’ll see what we want. It’s just pretend superheroes, like Spider-Man and s***!”

Me: “Ma’am, I’ve read the comic book; it’s really gory and bloody. You might want to look it up first, just in case.”

Mom: “F*** you!”

(In the opening scene of the movie, a deranged man in a bird costume jumped from a roof, and splatted into the ground. This woman immediately stood up and paraded her kids and husband out. Over an hour-and-a-half later as we left, she was still yelling at the ticket guy. Poor ticket guy.)

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A friend of mine had never stayed in a hotel before, so she didn’t know how everything worked. Instead of calling the front desk, she stopped an employee in the hall to ask him a question.

Friend: Hey, who do you call to order room service?
Employee: … Room Service.

You Just Got Owned

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(We’re a small business, so we often get calls from people thinking we need certain services. Particularly small businesses are targeted by entry level sales people and college students looking for work. One thing the owner has us do to screen for these is ask anybody who asks for the owner if they actually know his name.)

Caller: “Is the owner there?”

Me: “Possibly. Who’s calling?”

Caller: “Yes, I need to talk to the OWNER.”

Me: “I heard you the first time. Are you able to tell me what this is about?”

Caller: “It’s about his business.”

Me: “That’s too vague. Can you tell me the name of him or her so I know there’s an established business relationship already?”

Caller: *louder for some reason* “OWNER. I need the owner.”

Me: “I need to know who you are first.”

Caller: “Oh. Hi, Mr. [Business name ending in the word Rental, not the owner’s last name]. You should get more helpful people to answer the phone.”

Y, What Were You Thinking?

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(My AP World History teacher is starting to teach my class how to appropriately respond to our DBQs (Document-Based Question). Specifically, he wants us to be able to give evidence in our writing. To simplify this task in our heads, he cites an example using his gender.)

Teacher: “For example; if I wanted to say I was a male. I would say something like “’I am a male because I have…”

Class: *stunned silence*

Teacher: “…a Y chromosome.’”

Class: *sigh of relief*

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I went to a fast food restaurant this morning. They have three french toast sticks for a dollar.

Me: I want two orders of the french toast sticks, please

The cashier puts in my order and it comes up as $6.

Me: No, should be $2 plus tax. I wanted two orders of the french toast sticks. They are three sticks for one dollar. So, $2 for six sticks.

She then rings me up for 18 sticks, which came up as $6 again!

Me: NO, NO! I want TWO orders of the french toast sticks. It is $2!

She was so confused and could not understand what I was trying to order. I finally had to talk to the manager. He had no problems understanding what I wanted to order.


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