A Virgin Mistake

, , , , , | Right | March 2, 2021

I am visiting Las Vegas, where recreational marijuana is legal. My family and I have stopped at a souvenir store that also sells marijuana. I am asking one of the guys behind the counter about some of their products.

Worker: “Excuse me, ma’am, but you can’t have your drink in our store. We aren’t allowed to have alcohol here.”

Me: “Don’t worry; it’s virgin.”

Worker: “I don’t care if you’re a virgin or not. You can’t have that drink in our store.”

Me: “No, dude. I was talking about the drink. ‘Virgin’ means non-alcoholic. I’m nineteen; I can’t have alcohol for two more years.”

Worker: “You know the age for marijuana is twenty-one, right?”

Me: “D*** it!”

I left the store!

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Pimp My Fried

, , , , , | Right | February 7, 2021

I am a cashier in the drive-thru and a car full of guys come through. 

Me: “Any sauces or any salt?”

Dude: “You’re hot.”

Me: “Thank you. Can I get any sauces for you?”

I try not to be rude when people say things like this but it always makes me uncomfortable.

Dude: “You could make so much more money if you’d let me help you.”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

Dude: “Come work with me; you’ll make tons of money with me.”

His friend from in the car pipes up.

Dude’s Friend: “He’s the best pimp I’ve ever met.”

Me: “You’re a pimp?”

Dude: “Yup.”

My manager has overheard and comes over. I’m very uncomfortable. I’m trying to give them their food and they’re refusing until I give them an answer.

Manager: “Okay, here’s your food, and here’s some salt. Have a good day.”

After the car left, the manager told me that they come by every once in a while and try to get the girls to “work with them.” I’m still hoping they were kidding.

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Don’t Re-Member

, , , , | Right | February 1, 2021

I work in a store that asks customers for their phone number or email for our loyalty program. This is something I’ve encountered multiple times.

Me: “And what’s a good email or phone number for you?”

The customer gives me their phone number.

Me: “Oh, it looks like you’re not in the system. It only takes about two minutes to get you updated and you get discounts that non-members don’t.”

The customer complies and we fill put their loyalty information. We get to the email portion.

Me: “It says your email is already in the system. Let’s try that.”

Customer: “Oh, yeah. I get emails from you guys all the time. I should be in there under my email.”

Me: *Internal facepalm*

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An Order Disorder, Part 2

, , , , | Right | November 12, 2020

Every day, this customer comes in and orders the same thing: a medium number four with curly fries. I have his order memorized.

Customer: “Hello.”

Me: “Hello, your total is [amount].”

Customer: “I’ll have… Wait, how do you know what I’m going to order?”

Me: “You order the same thing every day.”

Customer: “Oh, then I should change it.”

He orders something completely different.

This scenario would play out every time I made the mistake of entering his food before he said it. He would even check my screen to make sure I hadn’t entered it already.

Mind, we ALL knew his order, so as soon as he came in, the cook would start on his sandwich and the fryer would put in his fries. If he changed it because I entered it too fast, the food would go to waste.

Sometimes I would hold onto his food for a little just so he wouldn’t realize we already knew his order.

An Order Disorder

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She Had An Ace In The Hole: Her LIES

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My friends and I go to Las Vegas for the weekend. While there, we decide to play some blackjack, so we find a blackjack table.

The dealer deals us our cards. Her up card is an eight. After we all make our decisions, the dealer turns over her down card — a nine — giving her a hard seventeen. At first, since we all have between eighteen and twenty, we think we win, since the table’s rule is that the dealer stands on any seventeen. However, the dealer then draws another card — a four — giving her a twenty-one.

Dealer: “You lose!”

Me: “You cannot draw on seventeen! It says, ‘Dealer stands on seventeen,’ right on the table!”

Dealer: *Snotty tone* “Sorry, I make the rules at this table!”

Friend #1: “Just leave it, [My Name]. Let’s just do another round.”

She deals us another hand. Her up card is an ace this time.

Dealer: “Would anyone like to make an insurance bet?”

We all decide to make the bet.

Dealer: “Nope, no ten-value card. You lose your insurance bet!”

Welp. It was worth a try. We continue regardless and make our decisions. She turns over her down card — a king.

Dealer: *Smug grin* “You lose!”

Friend #3: “You said you didn’t have a ten-value card!”

Dealer: “Well, I lied.”

Friend #2: “You can’t do that! We want our money back!”

Dealer: *Snottily* “My table, my rules. You’re not getting your money back.”

Me: “That’s it. We’re done here.”

We got up and went to management to complain. Upon hearing our complaints, they told us we weren’t the first patrons she had pulled this stunt on. After investigating the security footage to confirm it, they refunded us our money and apologized for the incident, assuring us she would no longer be a problem. We ended up playing poker and roulette for the rest of our time there. At one point, on my way to the restroom, I saw the now-fired dealer being dragged out by security, kicking and screaming. We still go to this casino whenever we go to Vegas, but we no longer play blackjack.

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