Is This The Dog Park From Night Vale?

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I decide to take a trip to the dog park with my boyfriend, his brother, and our dogs. As we get there, we enter the small dog section, since our dogs are fairly small.

We’re just walking around looking at other dogs playing with each other when, all of a sudden, we hear a very loud scream from some guy in the big dog section. Apparently, he is fighting with another dog owner, since her dog has been trying to get it on with multiple dogs in the big dog section.

This argument goes on for a while and each party seems to be saying some messed up s*** towards each other. I turn around and see all the owners from the small dog section huddling towards the gate like a flock of pigeons looking over to see what the two are fighting about.

This fight legit goes on for fifteen minutes and it goes nowhere, until I hear one elderly man go over to his other friend that’s still invested in the people fighting and tells him that this is such bulls*** and a waste of time, and there are more exciting things in life. Then, he says, “Here, let me give you some Viagra.”

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Cashing Out Early

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(I work at a combined hotel front desk and casino players club. While we do everything in one place, they are two separate systems; doing something in one doesn’t require doing anything in the other.)

Guest: “What can you do for me tonight?”

Me: “Your only offers are for Sunday through Thursday. Cheapest tonight is a smoking economy room for $79.99.”

Guest: “No, that is just way too expensive.”

Me: “Okay, well, you have $5 bonus cash; if you could just sign here to receive the bonus cash…”

Guest: “No, I don’t want the room; it’s too much.”

Me: “The bonus cash has nothing to do with whether or not you stay in the room; it’s yours to take either way. I just need you to sign before I can give it to you.”

Guest: “No, I want nothing to do with this place tonight.”

(The guest storms out.)

Next Guest: “Did they really just refuse free cash?”

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Lot B For “Broken”

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(I am driving west and stop at a hotel in Reno for the night. As I check in, the receptionist asks where I am parked. I tell her.)

Receptionist: “You have to park in lot B, because that is where your room is assigned.”

(No big deal. I finish checking in and move my car to that lot. Cut to the next morning. I go out to my car and see that my bike has been stolen off the car rack. I mention it to the morning receptionist:)

Receptionist: “Oh, yeah, we get a lot of thefts from that lot. The security camera’s broken.”

(That would have been more useful information on check-in.)

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TMI: The Older Generation

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(I am working at the customer service desk at a grocery store when an older lady between 55 and 65 years old comes up to do a return.)

Lady: “I’d like to return these.” *plops down one open box and five unopened boxes of generic personal lubricant* “They didn’t satisfy my needs.”

Me: *needs brain bleach*

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Unfiltered Story #168404

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(This happened a few years ago so this may not be 100% accurate.)
I am male and after my English class I met up with my friend like we do every day to go to gym together. We are discussing the next Pathfinder session, when a girl dropped her water bottle me being the kind of guy who does nice things on impulse I pick it up for her and give it to her. We keep talking about how my friends brother plans to screw us over as he does as DM when the girl taps my shoulder.

Girl: I would’ve picked it up myself.
Me: Okay your welcome have a good weekend.
My friend and I walk away when she does this again.
Girl: Why are you being a jackass? I told you I could have done it myself.
Me: Okay I believe you would you mind we gotta get to class.
We start to go downstairs when she does this a third time.
Girl: My boyfriend is (My fellow boyscouts name) I could get him to beat you up.
Me: I know him and he wouldn’t hurt anyone because then he’d be off the team now you should get to class you’ll be late.
Girl: Uggh you shouldn’t rape other peoples things.
My friend who is a peaceful morman got fed up at this point and said: Fine you wanna pick it up.
He grabs the bottle and yells heads up and throws it across the hall.
Girl to my friend: You ass.
Friend: Thanks now chase it thirsty bitch.
As she ran so did we to gym.