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(I have dyscalculia, which is like dyslexia with numbers. Because of this, while I can grasp the theories of math, addition and subtraction don’t work right for me–I never get the right number. However, after getting my own job and handling money more, I think I have a basic grasp on what things roughly look like. I’ve just bought several cheap items in self-checkout, and the total looks ridiculous to me…)

Me: *waves to attendant* Excuse me, this can’t be right. I think the machine’s broken.

Attendant: No, it’s right.

Me: (starting to wonder but still fairly sure the total is too high) Are you sure?

Attendant: *pulls out calculator and shows me*

Me: …Got it. Thanks.

Attendant: No problem. Have a nice day!

(At least he was nice about it!)

The Wedding From (And In) Heck

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My younger sister had a summer wedding in Las Vegas where she was living at the time. It was hot as heck, in the nineties even at night that week. My dad had to pick me up at the airport. The flight was delayed three hours, so I got into Las Vegas just after 7:00 pm.

The groom’s family was supposed to take everyone out for dinner. They did not wait for us, so only my sister was there. They all got drunk as h***. My parents, grandmother, and I ended up eating at [Australia-Themed Chain]. Our dinner was very nice, but it was around 10:00 pm.

The groom and best man had a fistfight in the restaurant’s parking lot, which led to the groom and my sister spending the night in a Las Vegas emergency room. The best man ended up in jail for the entire weekend. My sister refused to leave her intended in the emergency room, so she called my mom about every two hours during the night. My folks did not get much sleep. I shared a room with my grandmom, so we slept okay.

The next day, the day of the wedding, the groom’s family, the groom, and my sister all showed up. They were all hungover and unhappy. The wedding was supposed to be at 1:00 pm, with the ceremony held at a cheap-looking walk-in wedding chapel. There was no shade or outdoor seating. The prior wedding party ran late, so we all spent an hour outdoors, in Las Vegas in July, where the outside temperature went from 108 to 110F during that hour. After about twenty minutes, my dad let my mom, grandmom, and me sit in their rental car with the air conditioning on so we didn’t get heatstroke.

Finally, a little past 2:00 pm, the ceremony could begin. It turns out that the chapel could hold twelve if everyone squished together, and there were more than twenty there. My dad squished inside, but I stayed in the rental car to keep my ninety-year-old grandmom healthy, and after a little bit, my mom came to sit out the ceremony.

We had to go back outside for wedding pictures. Photos for the ceremony were done by one of the groom’s friends. Everyone had to stand out in the sun again for another half-hour and I was ordered to not wear my prescription sunglasses for the pics. Since I never saw evidence of any pics, my guess is he screwed up somehow.

By this point, I had used all of a (large) tube of SPF-fifty sunscreen on myself, my grandmom, and my mom — and everyone else attending because no one else brought sunscreen. I was the only one who wore a hat. I was in long sleeves/full coverage, dying in the heat, because I’m pale as f***.

As the wedding group was getting into cars, someone rammed into me, knocking my prescription sunglasses — in their case — onto the asphalt, and a car drove over them. They were crushed beyond salvaging.

For the reception/wedding dinner, my sister had booked twenty reserved places for us at a bar she liked, and thirty were in the party by then. We got there and only two six-person booths were held for us. The catering guys never showed, but they did call the bar to alert them. This meant there was no food available, only drinks.

The cake, ordered separately, never showed up, either, but my sister only found this out an hour later. The bar’s staff lied that it was “in the back” so the entire group wouldn’t leave before spending money there.

Everyone got drunk — no food and lots of booze — except for me, since I don’t drink. I ended up driving my mom, dad, and grandmom back to our motel.

We were told there was another fight in the bar later that night which ended with more police involvement, but my sister didn’t want to talk about the details. Her new husband was arrested but not booked that night. My sister says they got out of the police station at around 3:00 am.

The marriage lasted less than a year.

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If You Have An Identity, You Need An ID

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I am at the store purchasing a few items. This store sells a lot of different things, including alcohol. There are two people in front of me: a boy and a girl.

Employee: *Rings up their items* “And I’m going to need to see some ID for the alcohol.”

Male Customer: “Here you go.”

Employee: “Okay. I’m going to need to see yours, too, miss.”

Female Customer: “But he just showed you his.”

Employee: “Yes, but it’s our policy that we have to see the ID of everyone in the purchasing party.”

Female Customer: *Getting angry* “But I didn’t bring mine with me because I didn’t think that we would need both. It’s not that big of a deal.” 

Employee: “I’m sorry, but I could lose my job. I really need to see both IDs to sell this to you.” 

Customers: “Fine. Forget it, then!”

They leave angrily.

Employee: *Turns to me* “I am so sorry about the wait.”

Me: “Oh, no problem! I completely understand. And you were definitely doing the right thing.”

Employee: “Thanks. It’s just like people don’t realize that I could lose my job. I wouldn’t do that kind of thing over something so trivial. You wouldn’t believe how often this happens.”

Me: “I have no doubt.”

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I work in a lesser-know furniture and clothing retail chain where many of our dining tables are made from uncommon, renewable or reclaimed wood sources. People often ask what different pieces are made of and we’re trained on each material and it’s properties. A guest came in and was wondering in the dining section. My manager greets her while I’m working on the jewelry fixture nearby.

Manager: Good morning, ma’am! Did you have any questions today?

Customer: Yes, I was looking at this table here. Could you tell me what it’s made of?

Manager: Oh, that’s a good one. This is a newer collection and I can’t quite remember right now. (to me) Hey [name], do you remember what this was made of?

Me: Oh gosh, I don’t know. That’s not the new pine wood set, right?

Manager: No, I don’t think so. (To guest) Let me just look that up for you!

(Manager grabs the product book that details all of our pieces and looks up the dining set.)

Manager: Ah, ha! It’s mango!

Customer: … But I thought it was 100% wood…?

To be completely honest, I had to walk away at this point because I could not stop laughing. I do not know how my manager was able to respond to that, much less keep a straight face. She earned my eternal respect and admiration for that.

Underaged And Under Observation

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I am twenty-seven years old. I am wearing a pink and white coat, my hair is rather long, and I am holding my purse. I go in to the movie theatre.

Me: “Hi, can I get a ticket to the 8:30 pm showing of [Film]?”

Cashier: “Okay. $7.”

The customer behind me speaks up.

Customer: “Hey, baby, didn’t I see ya last night?”

I was at home all night.

Me: “No.”

Customer: “Course you were; you were at that pink building.”

I am very confused. He proceeds to get a camera out and show me a picture. It is a girl DEFINITELY younger than me. She is dancing.

Me: “That’s… not me.”

Customer: “Sure it was, sweetie. You wanna get a soda together or go for another ride?”

I am feeling sick and light-headed. I also get very scared because I am CERTAIN the girl in the picture is underage.

Me: “Sir, I promise that I was in my home all last night. Besides, that girl is eighteen! I’m twenty-seven! And she could be younger; I have no idea.”

The cashier looks at the camera.

Cashier: “I know that girl. She’s on my street. It’s not you; you don’t have the tattoo. Boy, her mother’s gonna have a word with her.”

Customer: “So, she isn’t twenty-two?”

Cashier: “No, she’s at [High School].”

The customer went red and said he didn’t know. The “pink building” was a few blocks away and she stole her sister’s ID to work there.

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