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Needs To Wake Up And Smell The Wrong Coffee

, | Working | March 10, 2015

Me: “Medium coffee with two milks, two sweeteners, please!”

Cashier: “Hot coffee?”

Me: “Yup, medium coffee with two milks, two sweeteners.”

(I watch in confusion as a medium fries is added, then voided, then an ice cream added, then voided. Then, to my horror, decaf is added, and thankfully voided, before I see two medium coffees up on the little screen.)

Cashier: “Two coffees?”

Me: “No, one coffee. Two milks, two sweeteners.”

Cashier: *voids the 2 coffees, adds 1*

Cashier: “One cream, one sugar?”

Me: “No, two milks, two sweeteners, please.”

(I pay, and watch as he fills my coffee, adding two sugars and no milk.)

Me: “…Thanks.”

Friend: “He probably needed that more than you do.”

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