A Fat Dose Of Karma

| Working | March 9, 2015

(I’m about eight months pregnant with triplets, and I’ve heard about a great maternity store in the upscale mall. Unfortunately all the clothes I can find are barely XL. The salesperson who’s been glaring at me finally comes over.)

Salesperson: *snidely* “Can I help you?”

Me: “I was looking for some larger sizes.”  *I rest my hands on my belly and laugh a little*

Salesperson: “I’m sorry; I don’t think we have anything in YOUR size.”

Me: “Oh, you’ve sold out? Are you going to be getting in anything new this week?”

Salesperson: “No, these are the only sizes we carry. This is a store for pregnant women, not fatties.”

(I just turned and walked out. When I came back to that mall with my three-month-old daughters and son, they were out of business.)

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