Monthly Roundup: May 2019

| Right | June 20, 2019

It’s time for the May roundup! Our editors have decided among themselves which stories in May deserve the extra attention, regardless of the number of thumbs-ups they received. Out of tall the stories we posted in the month, we’ve singled out fifteen.

If there are any stories from the last month you feel we should have included, please let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite stories in the poll below! Note: You can choose up to three*. 


So Awful She Brings Down The Roof – RULE NUMBER ONE: Pay your contractors!

Ultimatum Results In Ultimate Victory – Never threaten the IT guy… never!

Do Not Address Me About My Dress – Thou shalt not tell me what to wear!

A Shot Of Humanity – The Comedy Hospital! Come for the treatment, stay for the jokes!

Going Out On A Limb Here, But They’ll Be Fine – The next generation is enabling itself.

Time Out Is Time Well Spent –  Foster a new opinion on the system.

Got Yourself An Allocated Ringside Seat To Their Disagreement – Bavarian Fire Drill in action!

Best… Seizure… Ever – European labor laws versus the rest of the world…

Mating Fall – The call of the wild was never so domestic.

Vaccinations Against Nazis – Vaccinations: worse than Hitler apparently…

A Reversal Of Fortune – Note to everyone: GET A DASH-CAM!

Dealing With Her Lack-Of-Baggage Baggage – When they act like a child, treat them like one!

Sounds Like They’re Playing A Gaming With You – ISPs, out to make money! It’s criminal!

Needs A Color And Husband Correction – The hair we can fix, your marriage on the other hand…

Babies: The Madness! –  Babies – don’t let them bite you.

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*Not Always Hopeless stories are not included in the poll. This is because often they are so lovely they win by default. 

We’ve decided to separate our favorite ‘Hopeless’ story of the month from the section above, since it’s not part of the poll:

Cuddles Cure All – One of the many adventures of Sif & Freya.