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Dipping Into Some Colorful Language

, , , | Right | June 20, 2019

(I work the dairy section in a very busy grocery store. On a particularly busy day, I am stocking shelves and am over two hours behind.)

Customer: “Excuse me, dear. I’m looking for the dip.”

Me: “We have separate dips all over the store, so you’ll need to be more specific.”

Customer: “You know… the Jolly Good Dip?”

Me: “Oh, do you mean Helluva Good Dip?”

Customer: *face goes beet red*

Me: “Is everything okay?”

Customer: “How dare you use such vulgar language at me! I demand to speak to your manager!”

(Shocked, I grab the manager, who then says exactly the same thing I did. The customer screeches, throws a carton of eggs at us, grabs the dip, and bolts out of the store.)

Manager: “…”

Me:  “…”

Manager: “You can go on your lunch now.”

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