So Awful She Brings Down The Roof

, , , , | Right | May 31, 2019

(I am standing in line at the cash register. It’s about seven pm and it has been a hot day, but dark clouds indicate that we will soon have some heavy rain. The cashier is helping a woman who is talking on her phone. I am behind her, and behind me there is a guy who is obviously a construction worker, coming straight from his job. I hear another phone ringing and the construction worker answers.)

Construction Worker: “Hello. Keep it short; I’m in the supermarket.”

(A few seconds pass.)

Construction Worker: “So, the job’s off? Okay, see you tomorrow. Bye”

(Meanwhile, the cashier has finished ringing the lady up, but the woman obviously isn’t finished with her telephone call. The cashier tells the woman the amount, but she just puts her fingers on her lips to indicate that the cashier isn’t allowed to speak. The construction worker steps forward and takes the phone from the woman. She looks at him in shock.)

Construction Worker: “You can get your phone back after you’ve finished your groceries so we all can move on.”

Woman: “I know you! You’re one of the guys that’s renovating my house.”

Construction Worker: “I was one of the guys. You didn’t pay your bills, so my boss called the job off. Now, pay for your stuff and get out; there are people here with important things to do.”

(The woman gets red in the face and pays, and after having her phone back she scurries away, but not after yelling to the guy that he hasn’t heard the last of this. She is just outside the shop when it starts raining heavily.)

Construction Worker: *laughs* “She will have a surprise. The roofers were just finished removing her roof tiles when their boss called them to stop because she didn’t pay them, either. They nailed some tarp on the roof and left. We stripped the inside of the house, so she’ll be living in a dump until she finds some new crews, because we’re not going back to that b****.”

(I would love to have seen her when she got home.)

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