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Mind Reading Is Not One Of The Services We Offer

, , | Right | May 7, 2020

I work as a graphic designer and printer in a digital printing shop. Most of the customers know nothing about graphic demands. Our most frequent requests are, ”Why do I have to pay for the artwork? Just reuse the one you made for other customer?” and, ”I want a five-minute design!” We are getting tired of explaining about ”plagiarism” and how there’s no such thing as “five-minute design” for posters.

This customer stands out:

Customer: “I want a design made and printed on a sticker.”

Me: “Sure, sir. May I have the measurement for your sticker, please?”

Customer: “I don’t know the size of the sticker.”

Me: “Okay, sir. May I have the flask or packaging of your product sample? I can measure and give you a size estimation.”

Customer: “I didn’t bring any samples.”

Me: *Pause* “My apologies, sir. I can proceed with the design but I can’t print the sticker without the size measurement. I will need the measurement first.”

Customer: *Sudden outburst* “Why should I provide the size?! I said I don’t know! You’re the graphic designer here; you should know the size!”

Me: “Yes, sir. I’m a graphic designer, not a magician or mind reader. That’s why if you can’t provide me with the basic information, I cannot process your work, sir. Please take note, and thank you.”

The customer storms over to my manager and furiously berates him about me. My manager, who overheard the whole thing, lightly dismisses it. He can only sigh after the customer leaves. 

Manager: “You know, I’m very tempted to make a huge sign of what you just said. ‘I’m a graphic designer, not a magician or mind reader.’”

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