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13 Reasons Why Healthcare Workers Should Rule The World

| Right | May 7, 2020

Similar to our shout to grocery store workers, we here at Not Always Right want to continue our salute to our essential workers, who are putting themselves on the front line during these troubling times. Healthcare workers represent the best of us, their skill for keeping us alive matched only by their empathy.

We’ve dug into the archives for some classic tales that list clearly why healthcare workers should rule the world. While the stories are nurse-centric, ALL healthcare workers, from doctors, carers, hospital cleaners and caterers, councilors and the admin staff that keep the hospital running, deserve our respect, and our applause.

Healthcare workers, we hope this gives you a smile and helps others to remember how much we depend on you.

Why Nurses Should Rule The World:

Part #1: – Brave kiddos get even braver nurses.
Part #2: – Nurses are allergic to your BS.
Part #3: – Remember that the next person to serve you fries might be a future nurse, and they BOTH deserve your respect.
Part #4: – The Hippocratic oath is 24/7, even if their shift isn’t.
Part #5: – Big scary man versus the head nurse… he didn’t stand a chance.
Part #6: – If you get through to a nurse, they’ll get you to where you need to be.
Part #7: – Always trust a nurse to tell it to you straight.
Part #8: – Nurses don’t have days off, they just have days seeing personal patients.
Part #9: – A retired nurse is still a nurse!
Part #10: – From patients to passengers, all get the best care.
Part #11: – Thank God they went to nursing school.
Part #12: – We love our doctors, but no one is as good hands-on as a nurse
Part #13: – Please say “Thank you” to your nurse!

Have a healthcare story to share? Let us know here! Know of anyone else that deserves a shout out during these troubling times, let us know in the comments!

Stay safe, everyone!

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