We Love Faggots, But We Couldn’t Eat A Whole One

, , , | Working | December 1, 2017

(I am shopping with my husband. I am male.)

Customer: “Faggots.”

(I instinctively turn around at the word and see an elderly lady trying to get a worker’s attention. She’s standing in front of a freezer with pork faggots on the top shelf.)

Worker: “Miss, you cannot use that word! Please watch your language. It is upsetting to our customers.”

Customer: *pointing* “Faggots!”

Worker: “I will not ask you again!”

Customer: *grumbles*

Worker: “That’s it. I’m calling security.”

(The worker tries to grab her by the elbow. I separate from my husband and walk between them, opening the shelf and taking a box down.)

Customer: “Oh, thank you, dear.”

(She takes the box and shoves it in the worker’s face.)

Customer: “FAGGOTS!” *walks away*

(The worker walked away, red-faced. Admittedly, the customer could have worded her request better, but the worker could have at least tried to understand what she asking before jumping to conclusions.)

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