Laptop Flop, Part 9

| Working | January 21, 2014

(I order an apparently great half-price laptop from a nationwide PC company, after [Assistant #1] assures me they have lots in stock. She says she’ll ring me in two weeks when it arrives).

Me: “Hi. It’s [Name]. I ordered a [model] laptop a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t gotten a call yet. Could you tell me if it’s arrived, please?”

Assistant #1: “Ah, no. It’s not in yet. According to the system, it’ll be four more days.”

(One week later, I ring again.)

Assistant #2: “There’s been some delays with the deliveries, so unfortunately it won’t be here for another month.”

(One month later, I’m feeling pretty fed up and I’m contemplating cancelling. I get a call from the shop.)

Assistant #1: “Hi. I’m ringing about your [model] laptop. It seems that we don’t actually have any available in stock anymore in any of our shops. We can give a full refund, though, and I’ll personally give you a 20% discount if you buy another laptop with us before the Windows 8 launch next week.”

(I go into the store, and look at a few laptops on display.)

Me: “Do you have this model available in store right now?”

Assistant #2: “No, but I can order it for you! It would only be a couple of weeks until delivery.”

Me: “No.” *I explain what happened last time* “I only want a laptop that’s already here.”

Assistant #2: “Hmm, well we only have this other one here that’s within your price range.”

Me: “I’ll take it.” *we go to the till* “Is [Assistant #1] here? She said she’d give me a discount for all the hassle last time.”

Assistant #2: “She’s on holiday for two weeks.”

Me: “Well, did she make a note of it on my cancelled order?”

Assistant #2: “Ah… no.”

Me: “Can I speak to your manager, please?”

Assistant #2: “Uh… [Assistant #1] is the manager.”

Me: *giving up* “Fine. I’ll just take the laptop and go.”

Assistant #2: “Would you also like one of our store credit cards?”

Me: “Are you kidding? No.”

(It came as no surprise to hear two weeks later that the company had hit financial trouble. One good thing came out of it though: the laptop I ended up with has proved to be a good one!)


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