Service Is Not In Mint Condition

, | Working | January 22, 2014

(I stop by a local fast food place to get a hot drink. It is part of a chain, and I work in one of the other stores.)

Me: “I would like a medium peppermint hot chocolate, please. Whole milk.”

Cashier: “Um… I don’t think we have that… No, we only have peppermint mochas. Do you want one of those instead?”

Me: “No. I want a hot chocolate but instead of the normal chocolate syrup, I would like the peppermint chocolate syrup in it.”

Cashier: “Uh… Let me go get my manager…”

(The cashier scuttles off and brings back a manager.)

Manager: “So, you were wanting a hot chocolate, miss?”

Me: “I would like a peppermint hot chocolate. Medium size with whole milk.”

Manager: “We don’t have that. Did you want a peppermint mocha?”

Me: “Okay, look. I work at [store across town] so I know you can make a peppermint hot chocolate. And I can even tell you exactly where the button for it is on your screen.”

(After a few more painful minutes I talk them through ringing the order in and procedure for making the drink. I think this is the end of it until the next day when I am at work and my manager pulls me to the side.)

Manager: “So I got a weird call from the other store complaining about your behavior yesterday.”

(I explain what happened and my manager leaves to make a phone call.)

Manager: “I just got off the phone with the owner. He was very interested to hear how the other store’s employees seem to be unfamiliar with a product they supposedly did training for last month. You’re not in trouble.”

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