Setting A Promotion In Motion

| Working | January 20, 2014

(I work in a call center for a CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tool, helping clients get basic support in how to set up their tool and answer any technical questions.)

Caller: “Hey, this is [Name] from [Company]. I need some help with the portion of your CASE tool about how to set up your database?”

Me: “Sure. What sort of questions do you have?”

([Caller]’s questions aren’t about the tool itself, but are basic database questions which are well outside of our authority to answer, because it isn’t our tool. We are also not supposed to support customers outside of our CASE tool. In short, he is asking us to be their database administrator.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I can’t answer the questions you have about this. You should have your database administrator call us and we can help them work through these items.”

Caller: “Okay. We don’t have anyone here that does that. I’ll get with my bosses about it.”

(Two hours later…)

Caller: “Hey, this is [Name] from [Company]. Guess who was just promoted to be a database administrator?”

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