Knowing You’re THAT Customer Is Half The Battle

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(I’m the idiot in this story, but in my defense, it is just after midnight and I’ve been driving around for rideshares for the last ten hours. I am picking up something to eat from a fast food place on my way home.)

Employee: *through the speaker box* “Hello, welcome to [Fast Food Place]. Just to let you know, all we have is breakfast items now.”

Me: “Not a problem. I’d like a ten-piece chicken nugget and a large Coke.”

Employee: “Sorry, sir, but right now we are doing just breakfast items.”

Me: “No sauces, thank you.”

Employee: “Sir, we don’t have any chicken nuggets as we are doing just breakfast items.”

Me: “How mu—” *realizing what the employee was saying* “Oh, s***! You just said you’re doing only breakfast, didn’t you? I am so sorry! Umm… uh… I’ll take some chicken, I mean I’ll have some, uh… two of the sausage biscuit things and a large Coke.”

Employee: “So, that’s two sausage biscuits and a large Coke. Anything else?”

Me: “No, that’ll be all. Sorry about that.”

Employee: “No worries. That’ll be $3.25; pull forward to the second window.”

(Feeling quite red in the face, I pull forward to the window and wait for the cashier to open the window.)

Employee: “You had the chicken— I mean two sausage biscuits and a large Coke, right?”

Me: “Yes, and I am soooo sorry. I’ve been driving around for the last few hours and didn’t even look at my clock and was just wanting something to eat and—”

Employee: “Don’t worry. At least you didn’t try to scream my ear off for not having the nuggets. Here’s your receipt and drink; we’ll have the biscuits ready in a moment.”

(A minute passes and he passes out the bag. When I look inside of it, I notice that there are three sandwiches instead of the two I ordered, and I am about to say something.)

Employee: “Don’t worry about it; have a nice night.”

(Thank you for the extra sandwich and I am sorry I was one of those customers. Though, I suppose I wasn’t a full-blown b**** about the situation if you gave me the extra!)

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