Grumpy Without His Breakfast

, , | Right | January 29, 2020

(I work the night shift alone at the hotel. Shortly after my shift starts, a guest comes up and asks about breakfast the next day. Checking his reservation, I see it’s Room Only, meaning he’s only paying to stay in the hotel and breakfast is not included. I even show him the Room Only rate he reserved through a third-party company.)

Guest: “Why would I have to pay extra for breakfast? My friend, [Friend], is staying here and says he’s getting breakfast for free.”

Me: *checking his friend’s reservation* “Well, your friend has the same rate as you, Room Only, so breakfast isn’t included for him, either.”

Guest: “So he’s just not being charged for it?”

Me: “I don’t know. I only work the night shift; breakfast is not part of my duties.”

Guest: “Well, I am staying in [City] for several months and chose your hotel, and if you won’t accommodate me on this matter, I can just go to a different hotel. There are dozens of them around here.”

(At this point, I give him a look that I hope conveys my thoughts of, “Your little ‘threat’ is not going to make me bend over backward.” The hotel is located in an area that is filled with other hotels, so it really would be simple for him to go to a different hotel. I wouldn’t care.)

Me: “As I said, your rate pays only for the room, and eating breakfast would require the charge to be added to your invoice.”

Guest: “Look, I know you are just doing your job, but…” *repeats his spiel of staying here for months and potential to leave for another hotel*

(I got him to agree to come down in the morning and talk it over with the early shift employees. Had he “threatened” to go to a different hotel one more time, I would’ve told him to please pack his luggage, then, as I would be preparing the invoice for check-out. Would have been in my power, and not have any consequences for me. We were fully-booked that night, after all.)

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