Keeping Your Cash On Its Toes

, , , , | Right | January 7, 2019

(I’m the dummy in this one. The supermarket I go to most often has a few self-checkout lanes, one of which seems to always have something wrong with it. For the past month, it’s had a sign on it saying, “NO CASH; CARDS ONLY,” which works fine for me since I always use my card. This time, I’m getting errors, so I get one of the workers.)

Me: “Excuse me, this isn’t taking my card like usual.”

Worker: “Sorry, the lane is cash only.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

(I stop and reread the sign; the one I’ve seen about a dozen times now saying, “NO CASH,” now says, “CASH ONLY.”)

Me: “Well, now I feel sheepish. This did say, ‘No cash,’ a week ago and now it’s backward, right?”

Worker: *smiling* “Yes, sir, it did. You’re not the first one to mix that up. I can suspend this and ring you up over at my station.”

Me: “Thank you so much. And please don’t put this up on the Internet; if I’m going to be made a fool of, I’ll do it myself.”

(He laughed, so I figured I had to fulfill my end of the bargain!)

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