Hoping To Make A Graceful Exit

, , , | Right | January 7, 2019

(I work at a fast food place in a shopping centre. We also sell biscuits and cookies over the counter. This customer is an old man, so I try to be as clear and patient as possible.)

Me: “Hello, sir, what would you like?”

Customer: “I want two of these biscuits.”

Me: “Of course, sir. Would you like them in a bag to carry?”

Customer: “Yes, please.”

(I package the cookies in a carry bag and place it on the counter in front of him as I do with every customer. I then begin typing in the transaction on the machine.)

Customer: “You should have given that to me more gracefully!”

Me: “Um… What?”

(He glares at me, and I don’t know how to respond. Eventually, I mumble a confused apology.)

Me: “That will be $7.”

(He then opens his wallet and spends a minute finding the right amount of money. Finally, he takes out a $10 note and hands it to me, but he pulls it away a few times as if he’s not sure it’s the right amount to give me. The result is me trying to take the money as he awkwardly moves his hand back and forth. I don’t say anything and just give him the change.)

Customer: “Sorry about that.”

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