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Job Seeking Is Just The Worst

, , , , | Working | August 1, 2022

Lately, it’s been hard for me to get a job. I apply and go on interviews, and they always say they’ll call me back and they never do, or they hire me and then hire someone else to replace me before I even start. I apply as a cook in a retirement home, and I get a call.

Lady: “So, I see you’ve worked in [Restaurant]? When did you quit?”

Me: “A few months ago.”

Lady: “Why?”

Me: “I moved here.”

Lady: “And in those few months, what did you do?”

Me: “I was looking for a job.”

Lady: “You were looking for a job?! People are hiring everywhere and you couldn’t get one?”

I explain about going on interviews and never getting called back, etc.

Lady: *Scoffs rudely* “Surrre! I don’t think you should work with us!” *Hangs up*

I wouldn’t want to work with you, either, lady. I reported her to the job platform I used and moved on.

Thankfully, I got hired soon after by someone nice! I pity the fool who gets that rude lady.

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