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Isn’t… Isn’t That The Point?

, , , | Right | May 10, 2022

I was contracted to put together an event to bring awareness to human trafficking. The client was explicit that they wanted “experimental elements” to make attendees “feel the tragedies.”

Me: “How about we fill backpacks with cans of soup or rice and suggest that guests wear them for the entirety of the evening? Once they do, we donate the food in their name to a related charity after the event.”

Client: “Hmm…”

Me: “Or we could give everyone a mask when they check in so as to strip them of their identity. Maybe there could be some sort of penalty when they take them off. Within good taste, of course.”

Client: “All interesting, but I think these ideas make awareness of human trafficking a bit uncomfortable.”

We ended up settling on a PowerPoint presentation followed by cocktails and dinner. 

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