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How You Tray-t Your Customers

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We had an old lady who would come in and get a sandwich and coffee. In the coffee, she wanted about an inch of water and two creams. Regardless of how many times you had taken her order, she would iterate that she wanted an inch of water and “twoooo creeeaaaaams.”

Fine, annoying, but we all knew her well enough to have her coffee ready by the time she made it to the counter.

In pre-health-crisis times, when we had trays for our customers, she would demand that someone bring her food to her table because she had a walker and couldn’t possibly carry it, especially with the coffee. Okay, valid, but she could’ve been so much nicer about it.

My problem with her excuse was that when she was ready for a refill on her coffee, she would bring her empty cup up and take her full cup back to her table. We offered to put her food in a bag to make it easier for her, as she could put the food in the bag on her walker, but she insisted on the tray and added that she couldn’t carry the coffee.

There was one time that we were exceptionally busy, and she made her usual demand. I told her I wasn’t sure if I would be able to bring her tray to her because of how busy we were. She said that we always did it and repeated her reason for not being able to carry it herself.

The most annoying part was that after we got rid of the trays for health reasons, she had no problem whatsoever carrying her coffee and her food to her car.

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