Is Throwing Her Out The Window An Option?

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When I am fourteen, I have to go to Australia with my parents for my uncle’s wedding. To a fourteen-year-old me, that sounds pretty good. Little do I know that I will be encountering an entitled jerk on the plane.

Our seats are a bit far from each other, but I am okay with it. I sit next to a woman and her toddler, who is asleep. I offer one of those fake salutation smiles, but she just stares blankly at me. I think nothing of it. I just sit down and open my laptop and play some games. After a while of playing, I decide to do my summer homework, basically translating some English paragraphs into Hindi — I’m Indian.

I have not been thinking about the woman next to me, but suddenly:

Woman: “What do you think you are doing?!”

Me: “My assignment? I am a student.”

Woman: “Uh, no! You are a terrorist! That’s what you are!”

I just give her a confused look.

Woman: *To the air hostess* “Excuse me, miss! This is a very dangerous man; he is writing something in Afghanistan!”

Hostess: *Visibly sorry for me* “Ma’am, he is a child.”

Woman: “But he’s Pakistani!”

Me: “I’m Indian, and I’m just doing my homework—”


At this point, a gentleman stepped in and started full-on verbally attacking the woman. He called her out on her racism and called her a stupid b**** and an Islamophobe.

My angry parents came up, wanting to kill the woman.

The sleeping toddler woke up crying.


The airhostess reprimanded the woman, and most people of colour on the plane were trying to strangle her with their eyes. To my shock, the woman decided to shut up. She did not, however, apologise to me.

The air staff apologised profusely for the woman’s behaviour, and ultimately, they decided to give me an upgrade so that I didn’t have to sit with her. I was not scared, but I was really disappointed in the woman.

My family and I thanked the gentleman who interceded, and the rest of the trip went well.

People, be like that gentleman. Sir, if you’re reading this, thank you again!

Source: Reddit (Credit: sassy-cheese-cube, Original Story)

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