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I’d Rather Know In Advance That You’re An A**hole, Anyway

, , , , | Right | July 27, 2022

I was at a client’s house to talk about building a website for their gardening business.

Client: “How much for a website?”

Me: “That depends on—”

Client: *Interrupting* “Just answer my question!”

Me: “As I was saying, it depends on what you want. The design, the number of pages required, et cetera. I have a list, and based on that, I can make a price.”

Client: “Tell me how f****** much it is! I have a $150 budget.”

Me: “That won’t even buy you the design.”

Client: “Bulls***! Complete bulls***! Just answer my question!”

Client’s Wife: “Are you stupid? Just tell him how much!”

Me: “Goodbye.”

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