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I Don’t Work Here, But I’ll Be Your Grandkid If You Want

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I am at an arts and crafts store in search of picture frames. I’m searching for a precut natural white matte board in my desired size because the store is grotesquely understaffed and there is a line at the framing counter. I hear [Woman #1], an older lady, ask [Woman #2] for assistance; [Woman #2] is wearing a shirt that matches the employees’ smocks.

Woman #2: *Quickly and almost rudely* “I don’t work here.”

She grabs her cart and walks away.

I don’t know why this attracts my attention. Maybe it’s the desperation in [Woman #1]’s voice, or maybe it is store acoustics funneling their voices to me. I really don’t know.

[Woman #1] stands for a moment before she uses a seeing-impaired cane to walk toward me in the main aisle.

Me: “I don’t work here, but can I try to help you?”

She gives a huge sigh and smiles.

Woman #1: “I need help finding yarn; I’m making a baby blanket. The colors needed are white or cream, yellow, pink, and blue, and I can’t see enough to pick them out.”

Me: “I can definitely help you with that.”

Woman #1: “Can you lend an arm? It’s crowded here, and I walk faster with a person leading.”

Me: *Laughing* “Well, speed isn’t on my menu. I have a walking boot and crutches. If you want, I can lead and you can follow. Unfortunately, I don’t have an open arm.”

Woman #1: “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll just find an employee.”

Me: “No, it’s not a problem! I’ve only seen one employee anyway, and they’re at the framing counter with a line of people.”

We figure out all the logistics, and as we get to the yarn, we share names. I learn that she had her vision until “a pair of hands and a foot ago”, and that her husband dropped her off while he went to the hardware store. We get to the yarns and start by finding what feel of yarn she wants. Then, I start describing the colors.

Me: “They have barely pink, light salmon, and cotton candy pink. Here there’s banana skin yellow and banana flesh yellow. And this is almost an orange-pink.”

Woman #1: “You’re describing them so well! Thank you!”

We gathered the bundles of yarn that she wanted, finished our shopping together, and even checked out one after the other. She insisted on buying me a chocolate bar as a thank-you.

Total grandma move there, right?

Mama Setia, I hope your great-grandbaby’s blanket turns out wonderfully soft and as loving and sweet as you are.

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