I Am Me And You Are He And Here’s ID And We Are All Together

, , , | Right | July 25, 2018

(I’m a teller at another branch of a bank, but today I am helping in a center that is short-staffed. As such, I don’t know most of the faces and have been asking quite a few people for their IDs. Many clients are mildly annoyed, but turn it over when asked.)

Me: “Hi! Welcome to [Bank]. What brings you in today?”

Client: “I just need to withdraw this out of my account.”

(The client hands me a withdrawal slip for $100. Since it is a small amount, I decide to just check her signature on her account, but an alert pops up telling me to confirm her ID.)

Me: “Okay, Mrs. [Client], could I just borrow your ID for a moment?”

Client: “What? Why do you need my ID? I only need a hundred. Just pull that out; you don’t need my ID.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. [Client]. I usually work for a different branch, so I’m not as familiar with you as the regular teller. I just need to borrow it for one moment, and I’ll get it right back to you.”

Client: “This is ridiculous! I have been banking here for twelve years! Everyone knows me! Why should I have to show you my ID?!”

Me: “Well, Mrs. [Client], my system does need me to confirm your identity. I do have an indication that your account was compromised recently.”

Client: “Yes, but that was just because my checkbook was stolen. This is a withdrawal slip! You don’t need my ID for this!”

Me: “Well, the information on the checks will match the information you filled in on the slip. Unfortunately, I will need your ID before I can withdraw this for you.”

Client: “Oh, this is so ridiculous!” *pulls out license and throws it on the counter* “I’m obviously me; you shouldn’t have to ask me who I am!”

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