Donut Be Like This Person

, , , , | Right | July 25, 2018

(This one’s all on me, because this website has made me paranoid. I pop into a coffee and donut shop. I’m waiting for my order, when my clerk holds up a donut.)

Clerk: “Is this the one you ordered, sir?”

(I look at it. It’s not, but it’s close enough to the one I ordered.)

Me: “Yeah, fine. Whatever.”

(The clerk’s about to hand me the donut, when the manager stops her.)

Manager: “Wait. Are you giving him the right donut? You know it’s very similar to [donut I actually ordered], and you’ve been getting them mixed up lately.”

Clerk: “Yes, it is the one he ordered. I asked him, and he said yes.” *turns to me* “Isn’t that right, sir?”

Me: “Actually, I did order [donut I actually ordered].”

Clerk:What? Why didn’t you say anything?”

Me: “I didn’t want to end up on”

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