How To Terrorize The Staff

, , , | Right | March 9, 2020

(I’m a cashier at a popular craft store. I’m not officially a manager or lead, but I am often put in charge of the front end when it gets busy and the actual lead cashier is out. We have a new cashier, and while she’s learning quickly, there’s still the occasional question. She’s also an Iraqi immigrant, though she speaks perfect English.)

Cashier: “[My Name], can you please help?”

(I come over. The customer reads my name tag.)

Customer: “Oh, good! An American! You can ring me out!”

(I already realize what I’m getting into.)

Me: “[Cashier], what’s up?”

Cashier: “She said she didn’t want my terrorist hands touching her stuff, in case I planted a bomb.”

Customer: “Yes, she’s obviously trying to kill me! Ring me out and then get your manager to fire her!”

Me: “First, [Cashier] is not a terrorist in any way. Second, I will be calling the manager, but only to deal with you, because your behavior requires someone above my level.”

(I page the manager. She comes over and I explain the situation. She looks at the customer.)

Manager: “Is that true?”

Customer: “Yes! Fire them both!”

Manager: “[Cashier], did you have any plans to harm this woman or anyone else?”

Cashier: “What? No!”

Customer: “She’s lying!”

(My manager looks at the customer.)

Manager: “Leave. If you refuse, I will call the police and tell them you were trying to frame my employees as terrorists. I’m sure they’d love to hear your side.”

(The customer glares at us and runs out the door. My manager apologizes to the new cashier and insists that those kinds of things hardly happen.)

Cashier: “Oh, don’t worry too much. I saw too much s*** at home and dealt with a lot of it when I first moved here. If I let dumba**es like that get to me every time they were racist, I would have stopped at New York City and gone back home. Next, please!”

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