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How About Some Ritalin While You’re At It

, , , | Right | May 7, 2008

(Our insurance transmitter is experiencing problems, so we are unable to transmit to any insurance companies when filling prescriptions. I explain this to one customer, who decides to sit and wait for a while to see if the transmitter will come back up. Meanwhile, another customer comes in with a prescription.)

New Customer: “Hi. I’d like this filled, please.”

(I explain the transmitter problem.)

New Customer: “Oh, that’s okay. I don’t have insurance.”

Me: “No problem. We’ll have it ready in just a few minutes.”

Original Customer: “Wait! I was ahead of her! Why isn’t mine ready?!”

Me: “We are still waiting for the insurance transmitter to come back up, sir.”

Original Customer: “Well, how did you fill hers?!”

New Customer: “I pay cash; I don’t have prescription coverage.”

Original Customer: “Well, I pay cash, too!”

Me: “You want to just get it at retail price, and not use insurance?”

Original Customer: “Yes! I have cash! I’ll pay for it, just fill it now!”

(Five minutes later…)

Me: “Okay, sir, we’ve got you ready. The total comes to $35.99.”

Original Customer: “WHAT?! My co-pay is only $3.00!”

Me: “Sir, you said you wanted to go ahead and pay cash price since the insurance transmitter is still down.”

Original Customer: “I do have cash! See?” *shows a wallet with cash in it* “Why is it $35?! You people don’t know anything! I’m taking my business elsewhere!”

Me: *facepalm*

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